Closing of task in TaskList has error with delegate expression

i have this situation: We have 2 servers, ADMIN server (tomcat 8) and BACKGROUND server( tomcat 8).
On admin server we have installed Camunda platform (Cockpit,Tasklist,administration) and on the other server we have classes for service task (Delegate Java classes). If I wanna complete a task via TaskList I will get this error issue:

org.camunda.commons.logging.BaseLogger.logError ENGINE-16004 Exception while closing command context: Unknown property used in expression: ${rmsService}. Cause: Cannot resolve identifier ‘rmsService’

Because, the bean class is not part of the admin server, but in background server. Is it possible to some-how call bean (java delagate class) ,which is on different tomcat server? Via Rest?

public class RMSDelegateService implements JavaDelegate

We re using component scan in application context, which is on background server:


If you wanna need more info or some picture, just let me know, i will provide it.

Thanks a lot for help.


Lukas P.

Hi @Lukas_Pavelka,

You can use an asynchronous continuation to separate task completion from service task execution. Then, make sure that the job executor is only activated on the background server. What then happens is the following:

  1. The user task is completed on the admin server
  2. Process execution is continued on the admin server until the asynchronous continuation is reached
  3. A job to continue process execution from there is persisted
  4. The job is picked up by the job executor on the background server and process execution continues

I hope that makes sense and solves the problem.


Hi Lukas,

alternatively to @thorben’s solution, you can also use external tasks to execute the service on the background server.


Hi Thorben and Philipp,
very thanks for your help, i have tried to use asynchronous continuation and voala, it works perfectly, thanks again for your help, u saved me a lot of inconveniences. Wish u the best and thanks again :slightly_smiling: