CMMN integration

Hi guys,

I have some questions about integration of cmmn.

If a case is modeled and executed with process engine it is of course important that a user is able to work on such a case.
Therefore a User Interface should exist which shows some head data about the case and also information about available and also executed tasks.

  1. One very nice concept of user tasks is the Form Data extension. Using this extension we render dynamic UIs to work on user tasks in a business process.
    Unfortunately this extension is not available for Human Tasks in CMMN but only the Form Key extension.
    It would be a great feature if the model could specify which information should be displayed when executing a human task in a case.

  2. The same concept would be very helpful for case plan model. In my opinion every case has data for example a subject, a description, a deadline, a reporter and a solution. If this needed information could be specified in the model via Form Data extension we could render a dynamic ui based on the model.

  3. What about the idea of integrating cmmn into the modeler? Does a timetable exist when this will be done?

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Hi Markus,

Re 1) Yes, it is not possible to use form data for Human Tasks.
Re 2) Interesting idea.

1 + 2: Feel free to create Jira issue 1 or even a pull request.

Re 3) We are currently working on a cmmn modeler (see 2).


Hi Roman,

sorry for late response. I created an jira issue:

Furthermore I will use the model API to build my own class which reads FormData extension from CMMN XML and use this to render dynamic UIs. I can share this class if its ready.

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