CMMN variableOnPart extensionElement gets deleted by modeller

Hi Camundaistas,
I modelled a variableOnPart in my sentry, after opening it in the modeller I get an inport warning: “unparsable content camunda:variableOnPart dedected …unknown type…”
After editing the model in the modeller and saving the document the whole camunda:variableOnPart gets stripped away from the file (see attachment - for some reasons I don’t have enough carma points to upload both files :frowning: )
EventListener_Sandbox_before_opening.cmmn (3.9 KB)

Is this a modeller issue or am I using the wrong namespaces here?
Hint: The file EventListener_Sandbox_before_opening.cmmn is parsable and executable by the 7.6.0_alpha3 process engine!

.....<cmmn:sentry id="Sentry_1vprbxr"> <cmmn:extensionElements> <camunda:variableOnPart variableName="eventvariable"> <camunda:variableEvent>update</camunda:variableEvent> </camunda:variableOnPart> </cmmn:extensionElements> <cmmn:ifPart id="IfPart_1xvjnvw"> <cmmn:condition id="Expression_15ebvf4"><![CDATA[${eventvariable > 0}]]></cmmn:condition> </cmmn:ifPart> </cmmn:sentry>

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Hi @mike,

Unfortunately, the modeler does not support variable on parts yet. That’s why there are removed when you save the model.

Therefore a ticket already exists:


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with the Camunda Modeler 1.3.2 release we provided a fix for importing and exporting existing variableOnPart extension elements. Please download the new release.


Thanks for the Info I was using the nightly build of 1.4 but now I will switch to the stable 1.3.2 Release!

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