Common Shared resource storage (scripts, etc)

When using scripting, we have lots of common scripts that are use often. Would be great to have a simple, and small shared resource storage place that common scripts could be uploaded/stored, and then accessed by different deployments.

The current practice is to store the the scripts on the classpath or on a “close by” web server and using nashorns load() function. But would be much nicer if we could just upload these “attachments” somewhere and then use load().

I think this would solve many requests that others bring up about common scripts used across processes.

Also the purpose in this context is not to modify the camunda engine server/deployment in order to add or modify common scripts.

Example: Tasks already have the concept of Attachments.

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Hi Stephen,

not sure if general purpose file storing capabilities should be part of the core product. Could be a community extension, though, or maybe there are simple existing solutions to that problem already and all that is missing is a nice integration between a scripting environment and the corresponding Java API.


ideas come to mind?

From a Tasks perspective, because you can define a Task ID when creating a task, you can shoehorn the thing by creating a Task with attachments on deployment, and then use that Task ID in the scripts to return the resources as needed. but like i said: shoehorn :wink: