Communicate between two bpmn without writing worker

I am using camunda 8 for first time.
We have a scenario where we need interactions between bpmn’s (processes).
I have

  1. Main process(1) , which is using call activity to invoke another process(2)
  2. In process 2, I have conditional flow which will return (true or false).
  3. On false, i have a end event which is returning smoothly to back to call activity of process (1). This is workign fine.
  4. On true, I want to call another workflow(3) asynchronously without returning to main process(1) is my question which also pass variables to process 3. So, I have tried message end event in process 2 which will have a worker(java class), Java class will invoke workflow 3. Is this the right approach?
    I have also tried signal end event but I am not seeing variables not be passed.
    Appreciate your thoughts.


If you want a low code approach, have you looked at connectors…

Perhaps a webhook start event called from the Rest connector would meet requirement?



Thanks for your reply. I think it should be fine writing the simple code if that is only option apart from webhook start event. I have to explore open source webhook integration.
But can you clarify, if message end event in process 2 will not go back to call activity of process 1?

Hi @JG2023,

the call activity will always continue with the outgoing sequence flows when the called process is ended. That’s how BPMN works.

You can end the called process with a throwing error or escalation event and catch this event as a boundary event on the call activity (and end your super process).

Take a look at the BPMN section in the modeler docs here: Error events | Camunda 8 Docs

Hope this helps, Ingo