Compensation end/immeidate event throw and catch not work

With the new release news Release 8.4.0 · camunda/camunda-platform · GitHub
I updated my self managed from 8.3 to 8.4 and tried if compensation event works or not with simple bpmn diagram as following.

But the compensation catch event does not seem to work (compensation rollback api did not called).

Did I misunderstand the release note?

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I think the issue here is that we’ve done the first iteration of compensation - which is throwing the event, but we haven’t yet released the compensation Catch event yet.

Hopefully this will be ready by the next release, but officially compensation is not part of the 8.4 release.

Great that you’re reading the release notes so carefully. :+1:

BPMN compensation events will be supported with version 8.5 (April 2024). Some parts of it are already in the current release but will not work properly. :wink:

You can track the progress of the implementation here: [EPIC] Add support for BPMN compensation events · Issue #14920 · camunda/zeebe · GitHub


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