Concept Check for sub workflow

Hello all,

I’m just getting into zeebe, i’ve been playing with Conductor for awhile which is similar but i’m not sure if zeebe has all the same functionality.

i have a input that may need to loop through a workflow and once it’s been completed i need it to continue with the main workflow merging with another sub-workflow.

Before i show you what i’m thinking i’m going to try to explain my process.

My goal is to split a video into individual frames, modify them, then recompile it to a video.
I want to the modifying tasks to loop and process until it’s done, once that flow is completed it needs to know to go to the recompile task.

If the starting point is a image it only runs through the process once then outputs the modified image.
I am going to have a task that takes a file Video or Single Image.

Hopefully this makes sense to someone, Any input on how i should achieve this would be greatly appreciated. I’m also open to any tutorials that may help me get a better understanding of these workflow tools.

Here is what i created in the Modeler

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Here is one way you could model that (there is always more than one):

Parallel multi-instance sub-process.

If the sub-process is reusable in another context you could make it a separate process and use a Call Activity in the parallel multi-instance to invoke it.