Conditional Boundary Event - not evaluating variable name or variable event on task initiation

I have a BPMN process which has two user tasks.
User task 1 has two boundary events:

  • Timer from a DueDate process variable
  • Conditional event based on myvar process variable

User task 2 has one conditional boundary event which is activated if DueDate has been updated.

However on testing, when I make myvar true (UserTask1 → UserTask2), then update the DueDate, it creates a loop. Why doesn’t camunda evaluate the second conditional boundary event variable event?

conditional problem.bpmn (5.3 KB)

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Hey @goose!
This is a very interesting process model you got here.
Before, trying to solve your question here I have another one for you:

What would you expect to happen when the user task is finished in time without any event being triggered?

Hi @Hafflgav
Thanks for taking the time to look at my problem!
It can be assumed that this can’t be the case since myvar will be influenced by external activities. And the only way to leave UserTask1 is through the events.