Conditional Timer

Hi all,

Is there a way to create conditional timer? Because I want to create multi layer approval system, that have “Auto Approve” for certain period, but the “Auto Approve” feature can be enabled/disabled.

For example:
A request for leave, need approval from SuperiorSuper Superior

If the “Auto Approve” feature is enabled and the timer is set for 2 days, the task will be escalated to Super Superior within 2 days since the request is inputted.

Any suggestion is welcome, because I’m new in Camunda and want to learn the best practice from you guys.

Thank you so much

Well just off the top of my head - this would work.

There’s probably a less verbose way - but i tend to like to use event sub processes. :slight_smile:


Thank you @Niall, didn’t cross my mind to use the event sub process to set the timer.

I’ll try this out

Hi Niall
Is there any supporting video regarding this process because the condition which I gave is not working for me could you please help me.
Please help me as soon as possible before tomorrow noon or can you give me any other suggestions on that requirement

Hi All,
Any updates regarding my request can you help me out with the BPMN diagram including the properties regarding the auto approval of the approval user task. Please help me out as soon as possible.

What exactly are you trying to do and what exactly is going wrong.
Please upload any models you’ve created.

Auto Approval Process.bpmn (11.6 KB)

Thanks for replying soon,

I have attached the BPMN process I am not sure whether the properties which I gave is correct. The process is the system should auto approve the approval process after certain period of time. Kindly guide me on that as soon as possible.
Thank you so much.

Can you describe in detail what is happening as it stands with the process and what you would like to see happen.

A process will go for approval required after some period of time if the user is not approving it should be auto approved by the system or you can suggest me with the better option for that process.
And I am not sure whether I have to make changes in the java code as well.

Why are you using the conditional event?
Something like this would be easier:

I followed the above link which you gave and I am new to camunda and I am not sure of it whether it is correct or not.

Fine with the suggestion you gave. Whether I need to give any properties for that service task?

And the normal workflow should not be affected due to this auto approval process.

I’m not sure you need any code to get this working
You’ll just need to add the correct duration to the timer event.

Thank you so much Niall

Hi Niall
The timer boundary event should be given at the approval required user task or at the approved user task can you please clarify on that note. Can you clarify me on the diagrams which I attached below for reference.
diagram_1.bpmn (14.2 KB)

The timer boundary event needs to be attached to whichever task it is you’d like to cancel if it takes too long.

Thanks a lot @Niall for your reply