Connecting BPMN and CMMN

Hello Camunda Fam,

quick question but unfortunately I don’t get it:

Is it possible to pass a string (or other data types) to a CMMN diagram using a Call Activity?

I want to declare a variable in an Activity or alternatively via a Data Object. This should then be used at runtime. So far I have done this via “Forms” without data objects, but I am also open for alternative solutions.

I would like to pass this value to a CMMN diagram in order to make a decision which task will be executed in the CMMN diagram.

I am looking forward to any help.
Many greetings,

Did you take a look at the sample code from Camunda.

Thank you for your answer, yes i did, but i am looking for a solution without Java coding, just by using the modeler, then deploying it to the cockpit and execute it there

you can refer the similar sample. it’s for BPMN/DMN. There is no CMMN simulator available at present.

ok i’ll take a look, thank you! But i found a possibility to simulate CMMN models as well, namely when i open it via a BPMN call activity. I deploy both diagrams via the modeler and it works fine.