Connecting mysql with camunda

Hello ! i m gona try for the last time

can someone help me
i want to connect mysql database with my camunda

Thank you !

Hi @chahramane_hafid,

What do you mean by “connect mysql database with camunda”? How, exactly would you like to connect it? What problem are you trying to solve with mysql?


Hi @davidgs
First of all, thank you for your time

I explain everything in detail what it is about.

I first created a BMPN model where I simply enter invoices, but I want to save this data that I have entered in the database so that I can access this data again for other purposes.

now i am trying to link my bpmn model and mysql so that all data can be stored in the mysql database

Hi @chahramane_hafid,

The easiest, fastest way to do this in Camunda Platform 8 is to create a Service Task to save the data to your database. That Service Task can be written in any of the supported languages, and would take all the variables it is given and then write those to the database.

You can see our Getting Started code repo for some examples in various languages as a starting place.