Connectivity patterns (EE tomcat based version and do not want embedded Engine)


Could you please check my assumptions and answer my questions:

Suppose I take a “full” tomcat based version and do not want embedded Engine. What is my preferable ways to:

a) talk to the engine:
-From the separate Web App and JNDI?
-Other possibilities?

b) talk from the engine to the world:
- Java delegate(how to deploy it? Have not found deployment in docs)
- other possibilities (how to deploy them?)

Thank you.


There are many ways to deploy the engine. If you want to run the engine without the shared engine configuration that ships with the Camunda distribution, then you can create you own web app and start the engine there. In this case it would probably be better to use a different Tomcat to avoid unknown side effects of using both a shared engine and standalone engine.

If you want to make calls to that engine from a separate webapp - the using the REST API is best.REST API

If you want to reach out from the Engine to the world, then using Connectors is a good start.

Cheers, Conor

Thank you for the answer , Conor.
Connectors are rather complex mechanism.
I tried their API - it is not simple, docs are not descriptive regarding
connectors, examples - complex.

For that reason I check now Spring version…