Connector configuration - create process variables

Hi guys,

Im using the SOAP connector. In the modeler I am able to configure an output variable withing the connector config. I have a few questions;

If I use a groovy script, I can parse the SOAP response and extract a number of elements. If I want to turn each element value into a proces variable, I thought I would be able to call execution.setVariable(…) from within my connector output script. However I get a property not found (execution) exception.

Hence with connectors, what is the method to parse a soap response and extract numeous values as process variables?



I think I may have worked it out - return the large SOAP payload as a single output from the connector, then use an input output mapping script on the task.

If this is the case, I think I will run into too large a process variable as the SOAP response I get is an image and some meta data. Perhaps this is a case where transient process variables may be useful…


I keep forgetting, in connectors you use ‘connector’ not execution…