Could I run Cockpit as a standalone application connected to the same db as another process application

I’m using camunda embedded into one of my applications running against DB1 seeded with camunda tables. My team and I would like to monitor the processes with cockpit. It seems that in the ‘Camunda BPM Online Training - Architecture’ video, it recommends to run my process and cockpit against the same process engine, or results won’t show up in the cockpit.
I tried this locally, and it seems that I can monitor the process with cockpit, even though cockpit is running in a separate process that my process.
But they are both connected to the same DB.
This seems to make sense, and would seem necessary to work because if you wanted to horizontally scale the cockpit or the application with new instances, all of this would have to be possible, wouldn’t it?
So, the question is, would it be ok to deliver this way with cockpit running in a separate process from my app, but connected to the same db?

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Hi Brent,

Your scenario is perfectly fine. That is also what the standlone web application artifact is intended for.


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