Create a new page in Docs: Reference > BPMN 2.0 > Pools and Lanes

Could we get a new page created in the Docs under Reference > BPMN 2.0 called something like “Pools and Lanes” so further explanation and usage of Pools can be documented?

Followup on: Pool and Lane documentation?

The current Reference > BPMN 2.0 page does not have a link to any Pool and lane information. happy to start writing this, but could someone at @camunda create the page/section for this?


Hi Stephen,

Feel free to make a proposal. In order to create the section, you pull request can simply create a new folder here and add headers to the markdown files similar to the other subsections. If you need help with that, just do it as good as you can and we’ll sort the rest out when merging the pull request.

Please keep in mind that the BPMN reference on is an implementation reference, i.e. only implementation-relevant aspects should go in there.