Create custom scehma in oracle

I want to create a schema(such as “camundadev”) in oracle and connect with that from camunda…
I use
Spring boot 2.1.1
Oracle 19c Enterprise Edition
camunda 7.13.0( I use camunda-bpm-spring-boot-starter-webapp)

For that i add bellow code to application.yml

       schema-update: drop-create
       type: oracle
       table-prefix: camundadev.
       schema-name: camundadev

This schema is empty has Not any object.
I have on main schema (such as “mohsenprod” ) and have some schema in my database that these schema have grant to main schema. My app run with main schema.
When i want to use camunda as above config. Camunda create all table in main schema and when want to use their table, it want to access “camundadev” schema that has not table!!!
Now How to create camunda tables in my custom schema??


@seyedmohsen_Mirhosie camunda-bpm-spring-boot-starter-webapp is for camunda webapps like Cockpit, TaskList, Admin apps, etc.

Additionally, you need to add below dependency which has the camunda core engine and other process engine services which will bootstrap the camunda service and schema creation, etc.

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Thak’s for answering