Create diagram and export it

Hi all,

I’m using Camunda to manage my processes definitions. I don’t instanciate or run them.

My needs are basics, i don’t need full BPMN 2.0 compliant diagrams, i want to see visually what they seems.

I’m using the API to create processes with dataobjects, sequences, events, etc …

I tried to export them in picture mode, like PNG (and SVG later maybe if possible).

I’m using the repository to create process definition, setting executable, doing the AutoLayout feature and then export it.

But, i have some errors and i’m blocked because the BPMN isn’t fully compliant.
Before, Camunda had option to disable the validation :


But now, the methods aren’t here anymore.

I’m using the latests versions on maven.

Please can you help me ? If needed i cant provide my code snippet !

Thanks by advance.

Hi @Contact-IT,

In version did Camunda have the methods you mention?


My bad, was in the old version of our code, using Activiti … We migrate to camunda after …

Is there any way to disable the validation in camunda please ?

Can you tell me the rules of transformation from BPMN to UML diagram

This question has it’s own topic so i’m going to lock this.