Custom Embedded Form - variables not reloaded on return to saved form

Camunda v7.6 - WildFly release :

I’m using JSON variables and a “saved” element within the json variable is managed and sent to the server on “complete”

The form loads perfectly…

The problem is that, once the form is loaded, the changed values (elements within the JSON object) don’t show in the form itself after a save and return-to-form. But, the values are there because I see them pushed back to the server on “complete”. The updated values just are not displayed.

It looks like the value isn’t recognized as “dirty” - requiring a reload into the form.

Is there a way to force a reload - skip the “mergeVariables” function if it’s not working correctly?

  • The changed values are there. They’re just not displayed correctly.

Here’s the element with the “customer.firstname” - directly extending from examples:

   <div class="form-group">
      <label class="control-label col-md-2">First Name:</label>
      <div class="col-md-10">
         <input ng-model="customer.firstname" 
                class="form-control" />

And noting that all the code appears to work - but, guessing I need to force a reload of the JSON variables since the changed values are not correctly merged back into the form. They are however saved, somewhere, because I see them printing on the server-side logs.

Never mind - found the issue.
AngularJS does more than I anticipated - good stuff… (maybe I can just talk to it next time?)

And the library appears to have some pains in figuring out the dirtiness of complex (json?) types. But, easily worked around - not an issue.