Custom REST Endpoint in Camunda

Hi experts

I am trying to create a custom REST API in Camunda. My Camunda application is standalone and I want to create a custom REST API to complete task and send response.

I created a separate REST Project to create an endpoint which an external application can call and complete a task and get response back.

When I run this project, I get the following error .

Field engine in required a bean of type ‘org.camunda.bpm.engine.ProcessEngine’ that could not be found.

I have another project where I have Camunda standalone application and I want my custom REST endpoint to act on the task of the workflow defined under this project:

My REST endpoint should look like this :


My questions are :

  1. Is it achievable to build a custom REST API endpoint in camunda ?
  2. If so, How do I integrate my REST project and camunda project togther so that they work together and give response.

Please let me know what am I doing wrong in my approach ? Or there any better approach to create a custom rest endpoint in camunda ?


Yes. It is achievable. No need to create separate projects. Create a class with
@RestController and implement a method with
@PostMapping(path = “/api/completeTask”). It will solve the purpose