Custom Serach options for task list

How to add custom fields for searching the user tasks in Camunda UI. Default options are provided like Assigne, Owner, Priority, Due Date etc., If we want to search on the fileds present in the form how can we achieve it like using SSN or License number etc.,

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I would solve your problem by implementing a plugin for Tasklist which allows to search in tasks more easily. This has been done a while ago and can be seen right here:

Nevertheless, I am a bit unsure whether this is still up to date.
You could use this example to recreate if for your own purposes though. :wink:


Thanks for the reply @Hafflgav

After the implementation when trying to access the tasklist, camunda asks for the login credentials in a loop. Logs in for a second and asks for the credentials again. In the devtools n/w tab I can see that camunda-ui is trying to access the html file(plugin related) & the api response is 401. even though I have admin access. Any thoughts on this?

That seems a bit weird. Maybe @Niall has an idea about this.
Apparently I haven’t tried out to write a plugin for Tasklist yet. :wink:

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The root cause for the above behavior was I missed static in the file path of the HTML file in ViewsProvider in plugin.js, so it was trying to fetch from server on which it was returning 401.

url: ‘plugin://easy-search-plugin/static/app/search.html’, providing static in the path will try to load existing search.html