Customize a title on the task list

Is there a way or workaround to customize the title of the task?
Because when creating multiple user stacks (MultiInstance) all looks the same.


What do you want to customize the title to? You can add a counter as a Task listener and use a variable such as “Task Number: ${count}”

Yes. I would like to be able to set the user task title to something more meanful.

Is it possible?

Try the example I gave above. create a counter variable and update using a End Listener on the task, and set the Task title to something like Task Number: ${count}

I tried this on a Task Create listener. This user task is MultiInstance.
Did not fail but title did not change.

public class ConfirmBatchPaymentCreateListener implements TaskListener {

public void notify(DelegateTask delegateTask) {
	PremiumRequestProcessState state = (PremiumRequestProcessState) delegateTask.getVariable("state");
	PremiumRequestBatch batch = (PremiumRequestBatch) delegateTask.getVariable("batch");

	// Update the task title to be more accurate
	String name = String.format("Confirm batch %s/%s for group %s", batch.getPosition(), state.getAmountOfFiles(), state.getPaymentAgentId());



@lcrodriguez take a look at this simple example

multisubtest.bpmn (6.3 KB)

I set the Name of the User Task as:

The collection looks like this:

And it generates in the Camunda Task List as such:

And the Multi-Instance sub process is set as:

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Thanks for your help! I will go that way.