Decision Table : Dynamic InputValues (predefined values)

I have an api endpoint which returns a set of values. I want to use these values as a source for predefined values for the input fields in the decision table.

As of now, I can only see the possibility of adding these values as static values in the Modeler.

Hi @shikharmittal,

can you please share your example to demonstrate the problem?

BTW: do you really need DMN? If you want to check if a value is part of a dynamic list then you could also use an expression.

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I’m from the same team as Shikhar.

We are trying to provide a DMN authoring experience embedded in a custom application where the values can be bound to an external source.

For example in the below image, let us know if we can read the source for input (seasons) or output (Dish) from an external source (a REST API)

Usually, you would request/load the data before evaluating the decision. So, you could request the data (e.g. seasons) and then check if the data contains the actual input. For example, list contains(seasons, currentSeason).

Agreed. But is there a way I can provide authoring experience using dmn-js (maybe) to author decision tables intuitively so that while authoring I can use a rest API for filling the inputs because in our case it could be a huge list and it might not be possible for authoring to key in all pre-defined values. Say if country falls in […list of 20 countries…]

Use case in more detail ->

Let us say I’m authoring a decision table for “Should the citizen be given visa”? And the if the input field is last three countries visited. The input value instead of typing the 3 country names I want it to come from a REST API. So, in the cell I type a key say “HRC” (high risk countries) and on tab out the cell gets filled by 3 countries returned by REST API. Let me know if it is possible via. dmn-js or any other modeler library.

Thanks for any help here.