Definition ID different for one process in deployment


I expect the Definition ID to be in the form of {key}:{version}:{id}, which is true for all processes I deployed so far. I now deployed a BPMN file containing four processes in total, where 3 of the processes have a Definition ID in the expected form. One process, however, only has a GUID as ID. See screenshots for reference.

This does not seem to be a big issue, but my software expects the above schema so it has a pretty nasty bug at the moment with all process instances of the “erroneous” process.

Why is it different? What can I do to ensure it to be always the same?

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Via Process Versioning |

  • Id: The id is the database primary key and an artificial key normally combined out of the key, the version and a generated id (note that the ID may be shortened to fit into the database column, so there is no guarantee that the id is built this way).

Don’t rely on an id being anything else than a unique identifier.


Hi @mhelling,

have a look at this post to find the source code: What causes Camunda process definition IDs to be built and managed differently?

Hope this helps, Ingo