Definition keyfilter does noet work on list of proces instances

When I use the APi to get process instances of a definition key it returns all instances!
The filter doesn’t work: (there’s a bug)

calling /history/process-instance?procesDefinitionKey=Gipodproces

gives back all instances of all definition keys including:


    "id": "ffdd5548-0807-11ea-af85-00505683e8a2",

    "businessKey": null,

    "processDefinitionId": "Planaanvraagproces:77:b47f47a4-d460-11e9-b51b-7c5cf8d534ec",

    "processDefinitionKey": "**Planaanvraagproces**",

    "processDefinitionName": null,

    "processDefinitionVersion": 77,

    "startTime": "2019-11-16T01:28:23.870+0100",

    "endTime": "2019-11-16T01:28:23.870+0100",

    "removalTime": null,

    "durationInMillis": 0,

    "startUserId": null,

    "startActivityId": "StartEvent_1",

    "deleteReason": null,

    "rootProcessInstanceId": "ffdd5548-0807-11ea-af85-00505683e8a2",

    "superProcessInstanceId": null,

    "superCaseInstanceId": null,

    "caseInstanceId": null,

    "tenantId": null,

    "state": "COMPLETED"


I actually used ,the non-historic one which has the same problem, this list in a loop to delete all the instances and all of a sudden my production db was empty.
I had to restore it from the database!

Hi @speetrs,

there is a typo in your parameter. Please try processDefinitionKey

Hope this helps, Ingo

That helps!
Sorry, that was stupid of me.

Nevertheless, it would be nice to get an error if a filter is not understood.