Demo user cannot deploy & CMMN not available in modeler

Niall - I started learning Camunda this week.

I was following video to learn Camunda.

I also downloaded Community Edition

  • Apache Tomcat with H2 database and deployed it on a virtual machine with RHEL
  • Camunda Mac app for modeler

Created a sample first BPMN project similar to explained in the video.

First question
However while login to Camunda platform - Cockpit. I am not able to deploy the BPMN XML file as I do not see the icon to upload the file.
Second question
I cannot see the option of creating a CMMN model on Camunda modeler. Only options are BPMN and DMN.
What could be the reason?

Sorry if these are very very basic questions. Any link in forum or documentation would be highly appreciated.

Thank you

HI @titto.thommy

Glad you’re having success getting started with camunda, hopfully i’ll be able to answer your questions.

You can now deploy camunda directly from the modeler now -

We’ve basically stopped development on the CMMN modeler - so we don’t want to actively promote people use it unless they really know they’re looking for it.
you can find it on the menu.


Many thanks Niall. Both options you suggested works and they answer my question.

Hello, CMMN is no longer available in the latest version (9 feb), so we can’t model CMMN using Camunda modeler definitvely?

Hi @imen_benzarti,

it is still available but hidden behind a configuration setting: How to access CMMN in the modeler? - #4 by MaxTru.

You can find the reason for this in our blog post: How CMMN never lived up to its potential. - Camunda.

Hope this helps, Ingo

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