Deploy new version of war


I deploy my war (myprocess-1.0.war).
I have process.bpmn and Java Delegate. And I start new instance(1).
I saw problem in java delegate and refactoring it.
Next I deploy my new war with new version. (myprocess-1.0.1.war)
And start another one instance(2).

I expect my instance(1) should be to work with old java delegate from myprocess-1.0.war and instance(2) with myprocess-1.0.1.war, but instance(1) after new deploy run java delegate from new version myprocess-1.0.1.war.

I find solution for my problem. I hope)
<property name="isResumePreviousVersions">false</property>

Is this a good practice?
I’m afraid to destroy the instance(1) from myprocess-1.0.war

I’m going to delete myprocess-1.0.war after the instance(1) finishes