Deploying Process Application through REST API


How can I deploy a Process Application war file to my Tomcat with REST API. Why Camunda Cockpit doesn’t have an upload option to upload a war file for deployment

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Prasad P.S

Hi Prasad Prabha,

You can use rest client tool to post your data for a new deployment

One of them is Postman which available on Chrome webstore too

See Postman’s documentation for “Sending Requests” below

See camunda Rest API reference
to get more information in regard to required request method, URL and parameteres

Using Postman or any other REST client is not convenient means of deploying , since we have to frame the request for each resource to deploy (including servicetask classes,images,forms). On the top of that a process definition deployed with REST api doesnt know the resources deployed along with it (A process cant identify the form which refers, the class files a service task referes etc).

Based on below post

A process definition can identify html form resource using keyword deployment instead of app as follow


you have to distinguish between Java Deployments and Camunda Deployments. A war file is a java deployment which is used by the tomcat to deploy java web applications. Whereas a Camunda deployment is a bundle of deployed resources which is saved in the database, e.g. BPMN processes.

As Camunda cannot handle war files you need to deploy the war file to the tomcat directly. Tomcat provides a manager app which can be used to deploy war files remotely. There is also a maven plugin which can be used to deploy a war file directly to tomcat.



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