DMN Engine, correct approach for validation?


is an DMN Table the correct approach to use?


i have a document which is parsed in one ServiceTask. So i get lot of values in a java object. these values should be validated. Depending on the status of the current process there are different validations for a value. There are also different prioritys for depending on validation and process status… e.G. in status_1 if the validatation of value_1 fails there is a warning. if the status_2 and the validation of value_1 fails there is an error.
all values should be validated in each status of the process… and if one value has a error. the whole output is error. but i want to still see each validation.

is this the right way/approach to use a dmn table? cause often the normal usage looks different to my approach

Hi @Hans_Bauer,

The table contents look very technical and I guess the logic could be easier expressed in plain code. What is your motivation to use DMN for this job?


hey @thorben,

the customer changes the validation quite often. so it would be great if they could do it by there own.
thats the only reason.