DMN file test case using spring boot?


I have created simple DMN file with only 3 condition. Now I want to test these condition using spring boot application (Junit) by using excel sheet.

Is it possible to create such code to test any DMN file by just providing path of DMN file and excel sheet?

If please guide me to create such code. Am new to java and camunda. Thanks for your help.

Hi @Junaka,

I’ve tried that approach a long time ago. After the first round I played araound with Functions and Functional programming in Java, which made the code worse than better.

But feel free to have a look and get inspired: GitHub - ingorichtsmeier/dmn-test-tool: Test a DMN table with data from an Excel sheet

And play around or improve it by yourself. Maybe this commit is easier to understand: another customer example with '-' in input expression · ingorichtsmeier/dmn-test-tool@275973b · GitHub

Hope this helps, Ingo

Hello @Junaka ,

Junit5 allows to easily insert test data to a csv file and run tests against it.

Junit 5 docs will give you more information about it.

I hope this helps