DMN HitPolicy: OutputOrder and Priority


I noticed, that the modeler (I am using v4.2) allows selection of 2 hit policies “Output Order” and “Priority”. I can’t find them in the documentation under

Are they supported by the DMN engine? What is their purpose?


Hi @jangalinski

Priority would mean that you can specify the priority of the rule in an additional column. The result that has the highest priority would be selected. In my opinion the engine does not support this functionality, because this can be done with a “correctly sorted” table and the Hit Policy First.

Output Order would return a list of results. This list would be sorted by priority. But I think that the engine does not support this either. You can do the same with the Hit Policy Rule Order by sorting the rules in the table accordingly.

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Thank you Dominik, that’s exactly what I expected: the modeler supports them for sake of being spec-complete, but I can ignore them when it comes to evaluation.