DMN Modeler: Default to Decision Table

With the new modeler, DMN default to the DRD view. Our developers and users do not like this. Personally, since the vast majority (actually, all of our hundreds of tables) are not DRD diagrams but single tables, defaulting to DRD makes no sense.

Is there a way to default to the Decision Table view when modeling DMN in version 4.2 of the modeler?

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Hi @Jeff_Bradley,
Thanks a lot for your feedback.
If the DMN file only consists of a single decision table, it makes a lot of sense to directly open that table and skip the DRD view. I just added a new ticket in our backlog which you can follow
Please don’t hesitate to let us know if there are any other questions or suggestions that you might have. We’re always happy to get this kind of direct feedback.
Best regards,