DMN table error for process

I Have changed the DMN table to ANY to UNIQUE in DMN getting this error. Any idea why this error is coming

15:29:37,250 ERROR [org.camunda.bpm.engine.context] () ENG
INE-16004 Exception while closing command context: DMN-03002 Hit policy ‘ANY’ on
ly allows multiple matching rules with equal output. Matching rules: ‘[DmnEvalua
tedDecisionRuleImpl{id=‘row-958114420-1’, outputEntries={execution=DmnEvaluatedO
utputImpl{id=‘output1’, name=‘Execution’, outputName=‘execution’, value=Value ‘c
reateTask’ of type ‘PrimitiveValueType[string]’}}}, DmnEvaluatedDecisionRuleImpl
{id=‘row-958114420-3’, outputEntries={}}]’.: org.camunda.bpm.dmn.engine.impl.hit
policy.DmnHitPolicyException: DMN-03002 Hit policy ‘ANY’ only allows multiple ma
tching rules with equal output. Matching rules: '[DmnEvaluatedDecisionRuleImpl{i
d=‘row-958114420-1’, outputEntries={execution=DmnEvaluatedOutputImpl{id='output1
‘, name=‘Execution’, outputName=‘execution’, value=Value ‘createTask’ of type ‘P
rimitiveValueType[string]’}}}, DmnEvaluatedDecisionRuleImpl{id=‘row-958114420-3’
, outputEntries={}}]’.
at org.camunda.bpm.dmn.engine.impl.hitpolicy.DmnHitPolicyLogger.anyHitPo

Hi Sridhar,

With Hit Policy ‘ANY’, If multiple rules are satisfied which generate different outputs, the hit policy is violated and you get the mentioned error.

Please refer the below link for further reading


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