DMNModel Instance Linkage Issue ::: Spring MVC Project

Hi Team,

We are facing Linkage error while we are trying to use DMN MODEL INSTANCE in our Spring MVC Project.

Thanks in advance,

We need more info.
Maybe an error message?
And Setup details.


Hi Niall,

Attaching the log file.
Regarding Configuration … we are using Camunda Tomcat - 7.12.2-ee Version,
In Pom.xml we are using Camunda engine 7.12.2 version.

will these be any issue because of the versions. Please let us know any details.
Thanks in advance


Hi @Niall

Could you please help me on the above query…
thanks in advance


Please do share the model which will help us to debug the issue.

Hi cpbpm,

The issue is not related to bpmn model, we are trying to generate DMNMODELINSTANCE class that we’re we are getting linkage error issue