Documentation request: update REST GET /task documentation for processDefinitionNameLike

Hi all - just wanted to request a documentation fix. The documentation for GET /task says that you can use ?processDefinitionNameLike for substring matches against the process definition name.

I tried to use this queryparam as documented and it didn’t work. I had to look up the code to determine that % is the wildcard character and otherwise it’ll do an exact-string match. You might want to add this fact to the documentation :slight_smile:


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Hey @helgridly,

thanks first of all for spotting this!

Now that you already found the fix and have a clear idea what could be a better description here, would you like to go ahead and contribute this yourself in the respective repostory? :slight_smile:
The place to change this would actually simply be:

Feel free to look around in the repository, fork it, open a PR and we will happily merge this. :slight_smile:
If you need any assistance, let us know!


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