Does Camunda Decision Engine run separately as a independent service

Hi Team,

Camunda has a rule engine which processes its DMN tables.
I would like to understand if its capable to run separately in case we require it to be scaled up or down.

If I have a to modify an existing condition in a DMN table, can I deploy that alone and all the current instances running will start making use of the new DMN table.
Do I need to create a new process instance and only the new instances will be able to make use of the new DMN changes.


This really depends on the process model definition.
If your model’s Business Rule Task is configured to use the DMN with the “latest” binding, then when the execution reaches that task, it will use the newest version. If the binding is to a particular version, then all instances will use that version. This latter case means that you would need to update the BPMN to call a newer DMN.

The DEFAULT configuration is to use latest DMN in each BPMN.