"does camunda keep any information in ram?"

I would like to know more about how camunda storage works

does camunda keep any information in ram?
Where do you store delegate data?


The short answer is yes, but there’s quite a few concepts to understand;

Process instance state - instance state is effectively in RAM until a wait state or end state is reached. When this occurs, the process instance state is then flushed to the database.

Process models - these are effectively ‘cached’ in memory at runtime, but the source of truth is either the database or locally deployed application archives depending on your architecture.

Process engine meta-data - some engine values (eg job executor Id) are generated at runtime and only kept in RAM. In addition, each deployment the engine manages is kept as an in memory structure.

Ive simplified a little, however yes there are aspects which are kept in memory. Fortunately the engine is designed to persist state to durable DB storage, so you should not be concerned with that information stored in RAM…



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