Double click on BMPN file

Hi Team,

I’m using windows 10 machine. I have several BMPN workflows stored in my machine. I have Camunda Modeler as default application to open .bpmn files. However whenever I double click on .bpmn file it does open modeler but it doesn’t open a file. I have to do it manually using file open option.

Is this a typical problem faced by me or its a generic one? if generic one, any workaround for the same?

I’m using modeler version 4.8.1

Thank you in advance.

Hi @Bhavesh_G,

this sounds like the issue mentioned here: Open file from Explorer on Windows does not work if modeler already started · Issue #2268 · camunda/camunda-modeler · GitHub.

It’s solved with version 4.9.0

Hope this helps, Ingo

yes, this helped. Thank you @Ingo_Richtsmeier