Download BPMN as a Sanitized version?

What are the minimal nodes in the xml required to render a BPMN but sanitize the configurations (task, gateways, listeners, etc). Pretty much everything except for element labels/titles.

Has anyone does this before?

Use Case: You want to show the BPMN but it is shared with a unknown actor, therefore it must be a cleaned version that does not expose any configurations.

IMO the most valuable information is on the model itself. Attributes do not add much. The code is not on the model anyway. Hence I don’t quite understand your case.

Bpmns can be full of scripts, specific use of inputs and outputs, gateway logic expressions, extensions, etc. Often you want to display the model for visual purposes and want to overlay some status information, but you don’t want to expose the inner configs of the model.

I’m wondering if that can be accomplished via the Camunda Model APIs. You may also want to try using XPath if the Model APIs don’t give you what you want. I ended up using a mix of XPath and Model APIs in the BPMN Diagram Generator.