Drop down for assignee of task

Hello guys
I am using bpmn.js for my modeler and bpmn-properties-panel for attributes of tasks , like forms , fields ,messages , etc .
when I set my task as User Task , I can select assignee in a text box . as an obvious and essential requirement , I need to have a drop-down which it’s data is fetched from back-end . things like users , groups , etc .
although it has been asked in bpmn forum and answered in here I could not find anything useful there .
we could make some workaround about changing bpmn file later (but it accompanied with significant different costs) But I want to know what is offered by Camunda guys and users .

how to have drop-down of users in assignee ? how did you handle it ?

This sounds like mixing runtime information (the actual users) with model creation. I’m fairly sure that we have not done any work here as it sort of breaks the distinction between model and runtime.

Might be a thing you could write a plugin for to go into the Camunda Modeler?


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dear @davidgs , I’m looking for a better approach and since I’m pretty fresh about process world , I would be grateful if you share with me better approaches .
what is the best practice about task assignment .
I should know at least what groups exist if I want to determine who to do it , if not what is your suggested approach ?

I finally managed to solve (someone may accurately call it get-around) the problem by using ,dropdown .
show a modal when user clicked over the field(identifiable by id) and fill the input with drop-down content when user closed it .

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Hi Dear @Masood_Moghini can you share your solution for this problem?
Thank you.

here’s a workaround

  1. subscribe on OnClick event for that input

  2. if clicking happened, open a modal and call users web service

  3. when admin selected one user, set the selected id of user inside assignee input field

I don’t understand your solution because i am beginner in camunda.
can you share your bpmn file or your service class file.

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