Dropdown or autocomplete for Users and Groups in Tasklist (AD connected)

Hi all,

We successfully connected the process engine to our AD and now have access to the users and groups within the Admin Dashboard.

We expected Camunda to automatically use that information in the Tasklist as well but besides the Login it does not seem to have any effect on the Tasklist itself.

We would like to achieve the following:

  1. New tasks can be assigned to users or groups (at the moment, only a user name can be specified)
  2. The user and/or group should be based on the user and group lists available in the process engine, i.e. using a dropdown or an autocomplete field
  3. The filter list (left side in the Tasklist) should automatically add/show the user’s assigned groups (based on AD information)

Is there any configuration we need to apply or a plugin we need to use to achieve all or some of the above?

It does not need to be based on AD information. We could also provide the user and group information using a REST-Call in case that was easier.

We run the Camunda Community Platform as a standalone platform with multiple deployed processes.

Thanks in advance.