Duplicate first task when starting a new process Instance

I’m somewhat new to Camunda I’ve been bashing on the attached diagram (made with Camunda Modeler) for a few days and I’m at a loss about how to proceed. When I create a new process instance I end up with two of the initial user tasks ‘Commercial Plan Review’ (see attached json file). This is causing all kinds of havoc down the line. The only differences are the ‘id’ and ‘created’ fields. The second ‘created’ field is 2 thousandths of a second later than the first.

commercial-plan-review.bpmn (10.5 KB)

commercial-plan-review-twice.json (1.6 KB)

PEBKAC or am I experiencing a bug?

I’m not sure exactly how you managed it but there appears to be a sequence flow defined in the XML without and DI information. Meaning that the symbol exists but the information about how it should be displayed is missing so it doesn’t appear in the canvas.

Do change the XML manually for any reason.

You can solve the problem by removing this line

It works! Thank-you :slight_smile: I tried for almost an hour to re-create the problem in Modeler. I’m not sure how I managed to end up in the state I did. Thanks for unblocking me. If I can figure out what I did, I’ll post an update here.

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