Dynamic create JobWorker?

Hi, I’am newer to Zeebe. Can Zeebe Client create JobWorker dynamically for different workflow instance.Such as , I’ve initialized a client, but no JobWorkers. Then another user create a workflow instance . The client that I initialized creates JobWorker and finish this workflow instance?


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Hi @lkestk, yes you can. What language client would you use?

Hi, @jwulf. Thanks for your reply.
I prefer Java, and others language is ok. Is there a simple for this situation?

@lkestk you can take a look at the spring-zeebe project if you are using spring boot: http://github.com/zeebe/spring-zeebe/

@salaboy Thank you. I’ll take a look and try it.

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Just for documentation - the correct link is: https://github.com/zeebe-io/spring-zeebe

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