Dynamic embedded task forms


I have a unique requirement. Let’s say I have a simple bpmn with a start event with a form and one User Task. Now, based on the input provided in the start event I need to dynamically load task forms for the User task. Now is there a provision for not providing form key during the modeling and providing it during execution (at least in the beginning of the execution?). Or Is there a way to change the form-key during execution?

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Sorry for the self-goal but I found out the answer by myself! I should have tested it before but I did not think it might be possible since it was not provided in the documentation! Whoever has the similar scenario I am providing the solution below. Actually, it is pretty straight forward!

To load a dynamic form, make the form key as variable in the bpmn model, eg:


and initialize the process variable to the correct form during execution:

(at the start or during execution initialize as following):

Thanks for the amazing Process Engine guys! I have experience with other BPM platforms and I can vouch that you are the best!