Dynamic value in timer event

I have to create a timer event with dynamic value like taking the value from form field.
I’m trying to take the value from form field and putting that value in the duration properties of the timer event but it’s throwing error while deploying on wildfly. The error message is:
Cannot resolve identifier ‘startTime’ where ‘startTime’ is the form field of string type.
Could you please help me in achieving this?

Hi Saumya Sucharita,

String value should be in ISO 8601 format. Please see below links


Hi Saumya,

can you please share your process definition.


Timer.bpmn (3.4 KB)

Uploaded the bpmn diagram. Please let me know if anything else is required.


I’m providing the string value in ISO format: “P10D”. Don’t know why it’s not accepting it.



you can’t mix form fields with timer events. For start events, the timerEventDefinition must be in a format, that the process engine can read at deployment time.

Kind Regards, Ingo