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Hi, could we please get a full list of all the possible properties that can be set in the “entriesVisible” section for an element template .json file?

    "entriesVisible": {
      "_all": true,
      "executionListeners": false,
      "listener-event-type": false,
      "listener-type": false,
      "listener-value": false,
      "listener-script-value": false,
      "listener-fields": false,
      "listener-field-name": false,
      "listener-field-type": false,
      "listener-field-value": false

I’ve looked through all of the documentation, and I cannot find a full list. I want to know how to show only the specific tabs/fields in the modeler. It works fine for all the ones that are documented, but I would like to know all of the options so I can customize it further.



We don’t provide the full list, as it depends on internal ids that may be subject to change at some point.

You may look entries up in the properties panel implementation where the relevant IDs are associated (cf. PropertiesPanel, as an example.

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Can you at least give the names for each of the tabs or where to find them? All that’s documented so far is “executionListeners” that turns off the Listeners tab, and some various fields on the General and Listeners tab.

I want to be able to turn off the Extentions tab, and some of the other tabs.

The tabs are being created here along with their respective IDs.

I’m not sure those properties in the file are the exact values we need to use. For example, in the ElementTemplate documentation, it uses “executionListeners” to turn off the Listeners tab, however, the value executionListeners is not in the source that you’ve shared.

I’ve tried the IDs in the source anyway, however, and they still don’t work for me.

For example, the extensionsTab (line 487) from the source.

I’ve tried extensionsTab, extensionElements, extensionElements-properties, and Extensions, and none of those seem to work.

"entriesVisible": {
		"_all": true,
		"asyncBefore": true,
		"failedJobRetryTimeCycle": true,
		"candidateUsers": false,
		"candidateGroups": false,
		"extensionElements": false

What value am I supposed to be looking for?RetrieveSystemPropertiesTask.json (1.8 KB)

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