Element Template for StartEvent


is there element-template support planned for the <bpmn:startEvent>?
I would like to create templates and specify a few form fields.

I love element templates and I would also love to see more elements being supported.


We do not support templating of form data right now. What exactly would you like to template?

I would like to define some pre-set form fields. In my project, we have form fields which are mandatory for each process and therefore it would be nice to provide these required fields in a template so noone can forget to set them.

  "label": "Formfield 1",
  "type": "String",
  "value": "[predefined value for the formfield]",
  "editable": true,
  "binding": {
    "type": "camunda:formField",
    "name": "formFieldId"
  "constraints": {
    "notEmpty": true

Additionally I also would want to set properties in the template: E.g. “asynchronous before” to TRUE and “exclusive” to FALSE.

  "label": "Async",
  "type": "Hidden",
  "value": true,
  "editable": false,
  "binding": {
    "type": "property",
    "name": "camunda:asyncBefore"

I’m also wanting to use element templates to do custom UserTasks and would like to be able to specify form data that particular task needs. Is this planned? I don’t see an issue created for this yet.