Element template with dynamic dropdown elements

Hello All,

I am using element templates in modeler. I am having one dropdown in one of the service task, want to load the other fields based on dropdown selection. Is it possible in element templates and how. I didnt found any examples, can somebody please guide me that direction

Hi @parag,

do you want the loaded fields to be editable or not editable?

Because if they should be non-editable and just set some variables to predefined values it would be better to evaluate the selected dropdown-element in a Task/Listener/Event after the service task and set the fields with the values you want there.


Hello MichiDahm,

Thank you for your reply. But I want to made those fields are editable. So i will try to explain my scenario.
dropdown has 3 options to select
When I will select option1 then I want to display field1 and field2
When I will select option2 then I want to hide field1 and field2 and display field 3 and field4.
So I am not getting which property of json I should use from element templates.


unfortunately this kind of behavior is not achievable using element templates only. The entriesVisible property can only be a boolean. Therefore entries can not be dynamically shown/hidden.


I’m facing the same issue. If this is not achievable using element tempaltes only, then do you have any suggestions how it can be achieved?