Element Templates Classes


I am trying to run an example of Camunda using Element Templates. I read this tutorial: https://github.com/camunda/camunda-modeler/tree/master/docs/element-templates

My question is where/how does the Java class needs to be deployed?
Do I need to include it in a jar and deployed it to Tomcat manually?

Example: “com.mycompany.MailTaskImpl” class mapped in following JSON

“name”: “Mail Task”,
“id”: “com.camunda.example.MailTask”,
“appliesTo”: [
“properties”: [
“label”: “Implementation Type”,
“type”: “String”,
“value”: “com.mycompany.MailTaskImpl”,
“editable”: false,
“binding”: {
“type”: “property”,
“name”: “camunda:class”

Rodrigo S.

You would need to either deploy the class as part of your process application (packaged in a WAR) or you could probably just add it to tomcat’s lib folder.