Embedded sub process exit condition


i have a problem handling embedded sub-processes.
I have this process:

The business rule task within the sub process writes a process variable (c) to the engine and stores it.
For testing it wirtes false.
After this task i want to check the exit condition of the sub process. As long as c is not true it should start a new iteration.
But it doesnt. I have tried a couple of annotations but it seams that this is not working at all.
Could you explain me how can i set up a exit condition for this embedded sub-process.

Best regards

Hi @SebastianAT,
unfortunately, the loop maker is not supported by Camunda:

Instead, we’d recommend to explicitly loop using the sequence flow. The advantage is that the loop and its condition is clearly represented in the model:

Oh ok thats bad.
I will try it that way.

Many thanks.