ENGINE-22004 Unable to transform DMN resource - Camunda 7.2 and Modeler 5.17.0


I am trying to deploy a DMN table and i keep receiving the following error:

ENGINE-22004 Unable to transform DMN resource ‘dish.dmn’. [ deploy-error ]

No matter what DMN table i am trying to deploy i keep receiving the same message.
(the above table is one of the tables from the Camunda Academy - DMN section)
I tried to search in the logs and i am found the following:

2023-11-21 08:50:38 Caused by: org.camunda.bpm.engine.exception.NotValidException: History Time To Live cannot be null

Looking throughout the posts here i found info about the “History Time To Live cannot be null” but i do not know how to modify the Camunda’s config.
I am running Camunda in docker for Windows. It is version 7.2 and the Modeler is 5.17.0.

Could you please give me a hand?

Best regards,


Hey @Mihai :wave:
Welcome to the Camunda Community. :partying_face:
Can you attach one of the DMN Tables you are trying?
Is it possible that the academy courses are for Camunda 8 instead of Camunda 7?

Happy to check it out myself for a provided DMN Table.